Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

We are a company that have been on the digital goods market for a few good years already. Previously known under an aliasAsuna Services we have been successfully delivering digital goods to our customers. We are respected users of various gaming and marketplace forums (ex. elitepvp, epicnpc). You can also find us on ebay and playerauctions with a lot of positive feedback from our customers.

Up till now we have finished over 1800 elo boosting orders and sold over 10000. We always try our best to deliver the product as soon as possible, as our main goal is your satisfaction. We have gathered the most talented elo boosters in the world in order to successfully deliver your desired league rank.

Occasionally! Just recently we organized a small league of legends tournament in which we gave away over 2000 Euros worth of products from our website. A small break is always healthy but look out for another event coming soon!

Elo Boosting

If one of our boosters is currently not on your account, then you’re free to play normal games. Although you need to be aware that playing ranked games during the boost can cause penalties that would make your boost shorter.

No, they won’t reply back to any message from your friends.

Our boosters won’t do that without your permission.

Yes, our boosters are allowed to do that if it would seem to increase performance during the boost.

LoL Accounts

Accounts we sell on our website are manually leveled without use of any kind of bots or third party programs.

We do not sell botted accounts, so in this case there is no reason to offer a warranty. If something happens to the account that we are guilty of then of course, we will consider giving you a replacement or a refund. Keep in mind that we cannot be liable for anything you do on the account after purchasing it from us.

Payment Process

We currently accept only PayPal. We also accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payments if you contact us directly through a message.

Your order is now in our system and will be realized as soon as possible. Please be patient and check our estimated delivery time on products page.


Some of services & products we offer, are set to an automatic delivery which means you will get your product instantly after purchase. Please keep in mind that there are also those products, that needs to be sent manually.

Products with automatic delivery:

  • Guides
  • Prizes from giveaways
  • Elo Boost (it automatically goes to our elo boosting system, it doesn’t mean we start instantly)

Products with manual delivery:

  • Any type of LoL Accounts

We always deliver the product to the e-mail that’s attached to your PayPal account.