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A PBE Account is an account placed on a test server, where players help test new game content that isn’t yet ready for live servers. In other words, by having a PBE Account you are able to check out new champions, skins, game modes and new features a few weeks before they get on live servers.

Purchasing PBE Accounts from us grants you permanent access to the serverYou’re free to change both e-mail and password after purchase. Champions and Skins on PBE can be purchased for 1 IP although name changes, runes and hextech chests prices are the same as on live servers. Our pbe accounts always come with enough IP and RP to unlock all possible content. PBE Server is the only one that lets you obtain the most rare skins in the game through Mystery Chests (ex. Championship Riven).

Account deactivation!
Your account can get deactivated or disabled by Riot without any previous warning.
Do not worry though. In case of deactivation we will provide you a replacement account.
If your account is inactive, send us a message with current login/password and your Order ID.
We will check whether the account is inactive and if it indeed is, we will send you a new account within 24 hours.

Click here, to download PBE Client!

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PBE Accounts
PBE Accounts
PBE Accounts